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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picking the Green Beans

Anybody who has grown green beans knows that they don't pick themselves. Even though we have lots of sets of little hands in this household, nobody likes to pick them.

Heck, Tay's forearms break out in a rash every time we pick. She has some sort of hypersensitivity to them. Since nobody seems to like the pole beans, we're growing the "tastier" bush beans (sounds odd, but they do seem more tender and better tasting). Their close proximity to the ground is not kind to bad backs, that's for sure.

To inspire my girls in picking, I usually break out in song. "Bringing in the Sheaves"is my personal favorite...

Well, it's a team effort around here and eventually me, Tay and our four daughters get the job done every 3 or 4 onto the canning!!!

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  1. I had a wonderful garden one year! It took so much work to get the soil right here in sandy north central Florida. Haven't done one like that since :-(